Balance, what balance?

I keep hearing all over the place about “the importance of work/home balance” and balance has long been a part of chronic illness management – but for me it can quickly become another weapon in the hands of imposters. Like most people in the modern world I am have several parts of my life that […]

I did it

Well with many nerves and much trepidation yesterday I did use the new equipment – including the extremely visible hi-viz clothing with the logo branding. I dealt with the fear in stages – first actually putting stuff in the car, then talking to people I knew including other photographers to express my fear in a […]

New equipment – scared to use

So this is the first “diary” post – and I realise most of these are going to be fairly short. I have just had 2 new bits of equipment arrive – not big bits or particularly important bits, certainly not essential, but helpful.  Although only a few pounds in cost each they are also the […]

So where am I now?

One of the effects on me of imposter syndrome is procrastination – I dance around the point, I find reasons to do something else, I put things off.  The first few posts I have written I have written from outside myself – treating myself as a case study or something, trying to intellectualise what is […]

So how do others see me?

My first real post was about how thoughts and feelings I typically experience when doing a project or completing a task.  It occurred to me afterwards that that was probably not the best way to start – that I should start with how other people see me, how I appear to the world.  The best […]

The Angel and the Devil

So what is it like – a typical experience (for me at least) of imposters syndrome?  Maybe I can illustrate best by describing the setting up of this blog and it’s attendant thoughts and feelings. I think a good mental image of imposters syndrome is the old “devil on one shoulder and angel on the […]

Welcome and introduction

Welcome to The Imposters diary.   This is a blog written by someone (me) who suffers from “imposter syndrome”  to hopefully be both therapeutic for myself and informative for others – and maybe just maybe will prove to be a foundation for a community where those with the same problem can share stories and support each […]


So who am I – the writer of this blog? I am a woman in her mid-40s. I am a mother of 4. Long divorced from the father of my children and just coming out of a second long relationship. 14 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which forced me to take medical redundancy […]