Calm, down, a little up

My last post Flat Panic  written at the start of the week when I was overwhelmed with thoughts did help me settle somewhat – especially the last paragraph about small steps.  Having completed the first part of the universal credit application I took a couple of steps backward and made a deliberate effort to relax […]

Flat Panic

In the last week to ten days I have taken or completed several significant processes/steps on my way towards becoming (trying to become) self employed and it has all just hit me this morning and I am in a flat panic – how am I going to get through this I am going to fail, […]

I did it

Well with many nerves and much trepidation yesterday I did use the new equipment – including the extremely visible hi-viz clothing with the logo branding. I dealt with the fear in stages – first actually putting stuff in the car, then talking to people I knew including other photographers to express my fear in a […]

New equipment – scared to use

So this is the first “diary” post – and I realise most of these are going to be fairly short. I have just had 2 new bits of equipment arrive – not big bits or particularly important bits, certainly not essential, but helpful.  Although only a few pounds in cost each they are also the […]