Caught up with myself (or small victories)

Been nearly a week since I made any kind of entry here – but not because I have been deliberately avoiding it. Although I have a general idea of what I want to do and when over each week sometimes everything just goes mad, and all times I have to be aware of my health […]

Still here

I am gritting my teeth and keeping going with the blog after the screw up with social media. The world has not ended.  My roof has not collapsed.  I have not been inundated with surprised friends and family either laughing at me or pitying me. I have recieved compliments from 2 complete strangers on Twitter […]

I screwed up

I made a huge mistake.  I missed that a Facebook blog promotion group was set to public not closed and posts about this Blog appeared on my regular timeline.  This blog was supposed to be anonymous so I could be honest about my feelings without scaring off friends and clients.  I dont know how many […]

Balance, what balance?

I keep hearing all over the place about “the importance of work/home balance” and balance has long been a part of chronic illness management – but for me it can quickly become another weapon in the hands of imposters. Like most people in the modern world I am have several parts of my life that […]