New equipment – scared to use

So this is the first "diary" post - and I realise most of these are going to be fairly short.

I have just had 2 new bits of equipment arrive - not big bits or particularly important bits, certainly not essential, but helpful.  Although only a few pounds in cost each they are also the first items bought and paid for entirely with money earned by myself from business which is kind of cool.

Heres the rub - I am having wobbles about using  them "in public".  One bit in particular I have ordered logoed with my business name on it and my devil voice has gone into overdrive, screaming at me that I cannot seriously be considering letting "the public" see it - like how pretentious is that.   It is way too  big headed of me to consider advertising that way.  I am worried particularly that the other photographers I am friendly with will think I getting way too big for my boots.  I think some of this is typical "British  Reserve" but it feels uncomfortable and I feel the whole idea is unspeakably tacky and brash.

So what should be a good positive step is changed into something scary and unpleasant - I will have to "gird my loins" and face down the fear and hopefully things will not be as terrible as I imagine.

Post Author: The Imposter